A Look Into: Nude By Nature 15 Piece Deluxe Brush Set


So this has been an excited development! Nude By Nature have released two new brush sets that look absolutely stunning. In keeping with the current trend, and steering completely away from what their brushes currently look like, they’ve gone for a black slate brush with rose gold accents. Who could resist? I was completely torn between which set I should pick up, but at $69.95 I couldn’t say no to the 15 piece set. After using it a couple of times, I thought I’d give you guys a closer look at the brushes, and give you my initial impression after giving them a go.



Drugstore Makeup Menu


Let’s face it, starting out with makeup can be daunting! 

You’re walking down the makeup aisle with 15-20 different brands to choose from with about five times as many different products to try and they all promise so many different things and what should you choose? Will that suit your skin type? Is it the wrong tone? What about your undertone? Maybe you want something more full coverage? …and you can clearly see where things begin to spiral out of control.

After trying many different products over a very long time I’ve come up with a list of things that a full proof, will ensure you get your $ worth, and you can find all these in your local Priceline!


August Favourites


Today is the last day of winter! And while I’m super excited for sunnier weather and longer days, I am sad to be putting away all my favourite sweaters and warm toned lipsticks. It’s been a long month though, full of new products to try and love.

You’ll noticed I’ve double up on some products – that’s how much I’ve been trying (and an indication of how much I’ve spent this month. whoops!).

But I’m excited for a new month with a bronzed complexion, brighter lipsticks and new things to buy and try.